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Genesis Rocks are the very first Rock NFT collectible. The Ethereum contract was as created on December 25th 2017 by the same developer as EtherRocks and predates the popularized EtherRocks by 1 day. The original contract was abandoned by the EtherRocks dev due to two bugs. When rediscovered by James Williams in 2021, he named the project "We Like The Rocks". Soon after The 100 rock holders decided on the name Genesis Rocks.

On Dec. 25th 2017, Rocks 0-10 were minted

The contract was abandoned when the Dev discovered that the contract auto re-listed any purchased rocks for resale at purchase price, and that there was no cap. for minatble rocks.

2 wrappers were created by community discord vote. One wrapper to maintain the Devs intention of just creating 100 rocks. This wrapper is known as the 100 (Rocks 0-99)

The 2nd wrapper is 100-9999