Spells of Genesis

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Spells of Genesis
Blockchain Bitcoin
Creation Date March 11, 2015
Fungibility Semi-Fungible
Developer(s) EverdreamSoft Shaban Shaame
Artist(s) Alejandro Hurtado Guillaume Ducos Peyeyo
Explorer(s) XChain NFT Relics Explorer
Marketplace(s) XChain XChain OpenSea
Social Account(s) Twitter
Chat(s) Discord
Website(s) Official Site
FDCARD was the first card tokenized in Spells of Genesis making it the first gaming NFT ever. It has a supply of 300.

Spells of Genesis (SoG) is a blockchain game created by EverdreamSoft, which was founded by Shaban Shaame. It was the first blockchain-based game to tokenize in-game assets. Spells of Genesis combines Trading Card Game (TCG) functionalities with the point-and-shoot aspects of arcade games. Players have to collect and combine cards to create the strongest deck in order to fight their enemies. In 2015, Spells of Genesis starting using the Counterparty Protocol to tokenize collectible cards on Bitcoin. The Spells of Genesis cards are some of the earliest tokenized cryptoart and helped inspire the early community-cryptoart movement, Rare Pepes.[1]

Early history

Spells of Genesis is EverdreamSoft's second game. The first game they created was a mobile game called Moonga which was launched in 2009. Some of the first Spells of Genesis cards from 2015, such as FDCARD, were also integrated into Moonga. In 2010, Moonga was ranked the top RPG on the App Store in Japan. In 2014 EverdreamSoft started alpha testing Spells of Genesis, which follows the same storyline as Moonga. In 2015 both Moonga and Spells of Genesis had the ability to connect to a Bitcoin (Counterparty) wallet and begin playing with the cards held inside. At the time, instead of NFT, the buzzword was smart property.


December, 2014
  • The Spells of Genesis pre-alpha version could be tested by anyone with an account. It was browser based.
March, 2015
  • The first card in Spells of Genesis, FDCARD, is tokenized.
April, 2015
  • FDCARD is integrated into Moonga and holders are a now able to play with it.[2] This marked the first instance of interoperability where an NFT was integrated into two games made by the same developer.
June, 2015
  • SATOSHICARD, the most powerful card in Spells of Genesis and the first crypoart depicting Satoshi is tokenized.
  • Token sale on Koinify.
  • The first cards are put up for sale to the public: SJCXCARD and GEMZCARD. Prices ranged from $1 to $30.
July, 2015
  • A blog post about Spells of Genesis being the first ever completely decentralized trading card game is published. [3]
September, 2015
  • The alpha version of Spells of Genesis becomes available to play on web browsers.
November, 2015
  • The early beta is released. You can now connect your Bitcoin (Counterparty) wallet to Spells of Genesis and play with the cards that you own.
  • The first collaboration with Force of Will is completed with the release of CARDASTEMA.[4] CARDASTEMA was intended to be a cross-game crypto asset collaboration between two independent companies but Force of Will never implemented it.
February, 2016
  • SATOSHICARD is the most powerful card in Spells of Genesis and is the first NFT art to depict Satoshi. It has a total supply of 200 and was used as the inspiration for the iconic Rare Pepe Nakamoto Card.
    The beta release of Spells of Genesis which now adds support for iOS and Android in addition to the existing desktop browser version. With this release users could start earning BitCrystals (the native currency in Spells of Genesis) just by playing the game.[5] Players could then trade their BitCrystals for cards or for cryptocurrencies like BTC or XCP using the Counterparty DEX.
June, 2016
  • Christian Moss, The creator of another blockchain game called SaruTobi, makes the Spells of Genesis cards SATOSHICARD, SARUTOBICARD, and CNPCARD playable in SaruTobi.[6] This marked the first instance of interoperability where an NFT was integrated into two independent games. Many credit this moment with giving birth to the metaverse.
August, 2016
  • Five more Force of Will cards are minted with the intention to be used as cross-game assets with Spells of Genesis.[7] They were not playable in Spells of Genesis until February, 2017 and were never integrated into Force of Will.
December, 2016
  • Soft-launch of Spells of Genesis on official app stores.
February, 2017
  • Collaboration with Diecast.
March, 2017
SARUTOBICARD is the first collectible ape NFT and owning one gains you entry to the OG Ape Club (a name coined by the historical community). It has a total supply of 1,600.
April, 2017
  • Worldwide launch on the App Store and Google Play store in nine different languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.
  • Announcement of Spells of Genesis - Beyond The Void cross-game asset: CRYSTALIBUR
December, 2017
  • Blockchainization is added to Spells of Genesis which allowed players to tokenize in-game assets on their own.[9] By July 3rd, 2018, 2,134 "blockchainizations" had been made by players.[10] Originally the only blockchain available with this feature was Bitcoin but Ethereum and Klaytn were also added later on.
  • ICEUNICORN became the first instance of Blockchainization in Spells of Genesis.[11]
January, 2019
  • Spells of Genesis has around 4,000 monthly active players.[12]
January, 2020
  • Spells of Genesis has around 1,300 active players.[13]
  • The first Ethereum-based cards are minted.
January, 2021
  • Spells of Genesis has around 3,500 monthly active players.[14]
August 2021
  • Large increase in interest in Spells of Genesis cards as historical artifacts. This coincided with a significant increase in interest of all early NFTs.

Supply and rarity

There are a total of 43 Spells of Genesis Cards from 2015 with each cards have varying supplies. For example FDCARD has a total supply of 300 while GOXCARD has a supply of 1,200. It is thought that many cards are lost in old wallets so the active supply is probably much lower. At the time of writing it is believed that there will only ever be 100-150 FDCARDs that have the possibility to come up for sale because of this phenomenon. It's also important to note that not all Spells of Genesis cards have been "locked" which is a mechanism in Counterparty to enforce a hard-cap on-chain. This is something that collectors pay very close attention to. EverdreamSoft has also performed "burns" in the past were they will destroy the cards that are in their custody effectively lowering the supply of the card and increasing its scarcity. This was famously done with SATOSHICARD which had its supply reduced from 1,000 to 200 six weeks after release via a burn.


There have been two ways to earn money by playing the game. The first was via recieving the BitCrystals as rewards for achievements in the game which began in February, 2016. The second was via Blockchainization in December, 2017 which allowed players to tokenize an in-game card on their own to be able to trustlessly trade it for others cards or coins.


The images of most early collectibles on Counterparty are not linked to on-chain, thats why from 2015 to 2017, JP Janssen worked on notarizing many Spells of Genesis cards in order to have cryptographic proof of each card's image. The cards that were notarized were: CNPCARD, FDCARD, GEMZCARD, GOXCARD, BAZAARCARD, ETHXCPCARD, LTBCARD, MINERCARD, RIPPLECARD, SHUMAICARD, SJCXCARD, SWARMCD, XAJIBESAAR, XCPCARD, ZAIFCARD, BEARWHALECD, BLOCKSIZECD, ETHEREUMCARD, GENESISCARD, SATOSHICARD, SHAPESHIFTCD, XAJIARKETAAR, XAJIBASILAAR, XAJIJASPAAR and XAJIYEREMAAR.


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