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Dogeparty logo.png
Blockchain Dogecoin
Creation Date August 13, 2014
Fungibility Semi-Fungible
Developer(s) Jeremy Johnson
Marketplace(s) OpenSea
Social Account(s) Twitter
Chat(s) Discord, Telegram
Website(s) Official Site

Dogeparty is a peer-to-peer platform and distributed, open source Internet protocol built on top of the Dogecoin blockchain.[1][2] It is a meta-layer protocol forked from Counterparty which provides numerous functions including tradable user-created tokens, dispensers (token "vending machines"), a decentralized exchange (DEX), and dividend payments ("airdrops"). Transaction confirmation times on Dogeparty are typically ten times faster than traditional Bitcoin transactions and transactions only cost 1 DOGE (0.01 DOGE if using the web wallet). For an overview, see the Dogeparty presentation given in the HNFT Museum.[1] Since April 2023, you can also issue Dogecoin STAMPs directly on Dogecoin.

Early history

Dogeparty was created and launched in August of 2014. The platform ran until May of 2016 at which time it was abandoned by the original developers which resulted in the wallets becoming inoperable.[3] In this first period, 19,947 Dogeparty assets were minted (see Fig.1). The vast majority of activity happened in the first two months.

First assets without artwork

The overwhelming majority of 2014 Dogeparty do not have any artwork attached from the time they were issued. Most of these tokens were issued by (nowadays) inactive wallets and are not up for distribution at the time of this writing.


LTBC is Dogeparty's first asset and was given to Adam B. Levine (who was hosting Speaking of Bitcoin, formerly Let's Talk Bitcoin) on August 13, 2014 (Dogecoin block 335,669). It has an unlocked (divisible) supply of one. LTBC's description carries the string "For Adam".


THEONE is the first Dogeparty NFT in a strict technical sense, i.e., with a (locked) supply of one indivisible token. It was issued by JP Janssen (issuer of OLGA and JPJA on Counterparty) on August 13, 2014 (Dogecoin block 335,962).[4] It's description reads "My precious...".


BKEYCHAIN and BKEYCHAINUSA are some of the first tokens redeemable for a physical product (a Bitcoin keychain). They were minted on August 15, 2014 and October 26, 2014 by Rob Mitchell. More info in Adam McBride’s Medium article.[5]

First assets with historical artwork and on-chain provenance


BACKPACK was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 338,673 on August 16, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in block 342,281. The image was changed by its creator in January 2022 with CCO material to avoid potential image rights issues.


JOLLYROGER was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 342,893 on August 19, 2014, and an Imgur link of the image (Fig.2) was attached in the issuance transaction. It is the oldest token on Dogeparty for which the image has not been changed. The artwork is from Open Clip Art Library displaying a Jolly Roger ("pirate flag“). In Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, they use this type of flag with a skull over crossed swords flown on the Black Pearl. The initial supply was 1,650 indivisible tokens, which was burned to a locked supply of 550. To secure the original image once the Imgur link become inactive in the future, Daniel broadcasted the artwork's IPFS link in May 2023.



XAUDI was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 342,914 on August 19, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in the issuance transaction. Daniel has not put it up for distribution to avoid potential image rights issues.


NISSANGTR was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 342,970 on August 19, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in the issuance transaction. Daniel did an airdrop in 2022 to JOLLYROGER holders.


NISSANIDX was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 342,981 on August 19, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in the issuance transaction. Daniel has not put it up for distribution to avoid potential image rights issues.


MILKYWAY was issued by Daniel Spiller in block 342,999 on August 19, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in the issuance transaction. The artwork is from the Open Clip Art Library displaying an infrared picture of the Milky Way. Daniel was a supporter of SETI@home, an experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Everyone could participate by running a program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data. The token is divisible and has a locked supply of 300.00000000, which resembles the approx. 300 million meters that light travels per second.



MINICANVAS was issued by an unknown artist in block 359,438 on September 1, 2014, and the image was attached on-chain in block 359,473.

Assets with historical artwork (no on-chain provenance)

There are other Dogeparty assets with historical artwork that have an icon (48*48px png file) displayed on the Dogeparty's block explorer but there is no on-chain transaction documenting when the artwork was added. A key Dogeparty developer revealed that these icons were added to the tokens as a service (precursor to some point in time after the token was minted. For some of these assets, one can find off-chain evidence that the artwork circulated (e.g., as a Twitter PFP) at a token's mint time.


LTBCOIN was minted on August 13, 2014 (Dogecoin block 335,672) as the 10th Dogeparty asset with a total (unlocked) supply of 1 (divisible asset). According to Adam Levine, the asset was not minted by himself but later sent to him as a gift. The icon (see Fig.4 on the left) is the same as the one on Counterparty, which was used as a very early crypto-rewards program for the "Let's talk Bitcoin" podcast. It was created by Rob Mitchell. Hence, there is substantial off-chain evidence that the artwork was already present at mint time.


Fig.4: LTBCOIN (left) and BITBEG (right)

BITBEG was issued on August 15, 2014 (Dogecoin block 337,409) with a total (locked) supply of 1,000 (divisible asset). The artwork (see Fig.4 on the right) features Bitcoinbegger's PFP and the first Doge-related picture on Dogeparty/Counterparty. A wayback search provides off-chain evidence that the PFP was already used in April 2014.

Further assets

There are some other tokens with such icons (e.g., DOGEDIGGERS) that typically have a supply > 1,000 or are stuck in inactive wallets (such as TOOT).

Additionally, there are further Dogeparty tokens with an icon such as BACON (json file was added on November 16, 2014) or BACONLOVER (json file was added on September 09, 2014) for which the asset description contains a json file. Hence, there are on-chain transactions for those assets that provide the first potential date when the json files may have added the displayed artwork. These json files point to URLs that do not resolve at the time of writing this article. Thus, it is unclear whether the json files actually include any artwork-related metadata. In the case of BACON, a webarchive search delivers a json file without any artwork-related metadata.

Besides, everyone with access to the json file could have added / modifies the included metadata later on. Without further on-chain transactions (such as broadcasting the json file's hash) the date when the artwork was added cannot be ascertained in a trust-less manner.

First gaming assets

Dogeparty Runner - The Original XDP Token Game

The inaugural Dogeparty Runner (XDPR) game played on September 1st, 2014 and was designed as a weekly game of cyber hunt that used blockchain assets for gameplay tokens. XDPR tested a player's problem-solving skills to track down random facts on the internet. RUNNER was minted August 15, 2014 (Dogecoin block 338,058). Its description read, "Dogeparty Runner -The original token game"

The innovation of Dogeparty Runner was the integration of digital assets (game tokens) on a blockchain with virtual gameplay. The game's tokens were fueled by Dogeparty (XDP), hence the namesake, and used mainly four (RUNNER, HINTS, CLUES, and PRIZES) in the first game.

Recent events

In August of 2021, the Dogeparty Foundation was formed and the Dogeparty servers were brought back to life.[6] After the relaunch, a growing number of Dogeparty community members were adding metadata to their formerly naked 2014 Dogeparty assets.


GOLDENSHIBE was minted as an indivisible token with a supply of 1,000 on August 14, 2014 by Dogermint. Hand-drawn artwork by Honolulu tattoo artist JoBiz was added on November 05, 2021 (see Fig.5). Due to a later burn, the current locked supply is 999. It is one of the most popular and well distributed 2014 Dogeparty assets (at the time of writing this article, the supply is distributed on 271 addresses).



DOGECAR was issued as a divisible token with a supply of 1,000,000 on August 13, 2014 by the artist Little Shibe. Although the artwork was added on January 15, 2022 (see Fig.6), there is off-chain evidence showing the artwork on Twitter. According to Little Shibe, the artwork was commissioned by NASCAR driver Josh Wise for a T-shirt in 2014. After several burns, it has a total supply of 500.

Further assets

There are a growing number of further 2014 Dogeparty assets with new artwork. For instance, MYCOCK is the first 1/1 asset that is up for distribution. TURNTABLE has been the first 2014 token that featured audio-enhanced artwork. Dogermint was adding artwork to a series of US currency-inspired tokens, ranging from DOGEDOLLAR to DOGEPENNY. Little Shibe aims to build a whole DogeWorld based on various connected 2014 Dogeparty assets. OLGA was minted on August 13, 2014 by JP Janssen, while the artwork was added on November 20, 2022.

Secondary markets

Like in the case of Counterparty, staying on the native Dogeparty protocol requires a dedicated wallet. Once it's loaded with Dogecoin, collectors can buy Dogeparty assets using dispensers (a kind of virtual vending machine). Using the Dogewallet's Exchange feature (an in-built DEX), collectors can buy Dogeparty assets via Dogecoin or XDP[7] (the native Dogeparty token) but they can place buy and sell orders for any Dogeparty token pair in a trustless manner. This detailed guide and the YouTube videos on provide further information how to set up a wallet and buy from dispensers/the DEX.

Once Dogeparty assets are wrapped using Emblem Vault, they can be traded on OpenSea, LooksRare, and other secondary markets. There will soon be a curated Dogeparty collection offered by Emblem Vault. Native and wrapped Dogeparty assets are also auctioned by NFT Auction (run by Theo Goodman) or WTH Auction House.